Equipment (Train Related)

Some of the equipment below uses a series of lights to relay the condition of the railway and here is a brief description.

• Green - Used to indicate "clear" or proceed.

• Yellow - Used to warn the engineer of an impending stop or speed reduction for an occupied "block" ahead. Also used for low-speed movements.

• Red - Used to indicate a full stop or other restrictive condition, or used as a "placeholder" light.

• Blue - Is used to indicate all equipment on the section of track to the rear of the blue signal is absolutely not to be moved as men are working under, on, or in said equipment.

• Lunar White - Blue filtered light to eliminate all trace of yellow used to indicate a restricted proceed condition.

• Lemon Yellow - Used in position light systems as an all-purpose high visibility color, greatest fog penetration.

• (Plain) White - Plain incandescent white light. Used in dwarf position light signals with frosted lenses.


• Normal Speed - The normal speed for the railroad line, also known as Maximum Authorized Speed (MAS).

• Limited Speed - A speed less than Normal Speed that was employed starting in the 1940s for use with higher speed turnouts. This speed is defined by individual railroads and ranges anywhere from 40 miles per hour (64 km/h) to 60 miles per hour.

• Medium Speed - Original concept for a standard "reduced" speed normally set to 30 miles per hour and can range as high as 40 miles per hour.

• Slow Speed - 15 miles per hour while within the limits of an interlocking and 20 mph when not in the limits of an interlocking.

• Restricted Speed - Used for trains entering or operating in unsignaled territory or when entering a de-energized track circuit. Regulatory definition of no greater than 20 miles per hour outside interlocking limits,

Lights & Signs

Boom Gate Color Position Light Crossbuck Sign Crossing Gate
Crossing Ahead Sign Multiple Track Sign Searchlight Semaphore
Triangular Color Light Vertical Color Light Wigwag

Warning Signs


• Advance Warning Signs:

• No Train Horn:

• Low Ground Clearance:


• Flashing red lights – with or without bells:

• Flashing red lights and gates:

• Barricade of flashing lights:

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