Rolling Stock

The term "rolling stock" is a generic term to describe anything on rail wheels. The includes locomotives, freight cars, flat cars, and other vehicles that use steel wheels on railroad tracks. In the section below I categorized both revenue such as cars that transport goods and non-revenue such as maintenance equipment. I did not add locomotives as they will be in another section of the website.

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Autorack Baggage Boxcar CargoSprinter
Centerbeam Coil Car Combine Car Covered Hopper
Flatcar Gondola Hopper Mine Cart
Open-Top Hopper Passenger Quarry Tub Refrigerated Boxcar
Schnabel Car Semi-trailer Flatcar Stock Car Tank Car
Well Car


Ballast Regulator Ballast Tamper Barrier Vehicle Caboose
Catenary Maintenance Vehicle Clearance Car Crew Car Departmental Vehicle
Maintenance of Way Office Car Rail Ambulance Rail Car Mover
Railroad Crane Railroad Excavator Railroad Power Shovel Railway Post Office
Road-Rail Vehicle Scale Test Car Track Geometry Car

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